Testimonials from Athletes

“Beginning with my college playing days, Michelle served as my mental coach and completely transformed my mentality and confidence. Continuing into my professional days, she helped me fine tune my thoughts, self-talk, belief in myself and my abilities as an athlete and a person. Even now that my playing days have come to an end, she continues to step up into that mentor/coach role that I admire so much. Her knowledge of the mind & body is extensive and impressive. I attribute much of my success to her guidance. Thank you, Coach!”  ~ Vera Jo

“As a student-athlete, Coach Bruns-Kirk provided a variety of training exercises, tools, and resources throughout the season that were designed to challenge me during our physical training, mental training, and even recovery. We dedicated a lot of time towards “mental toughness” and how important this really is. This focus on mental toughness is something I carry with me today in the real world. From moving to a new city and starting a new job, to joining professional networks and adult sports leagues, change is scary. However, Pat Summit once said change equals self-improvement. Coach challenged and pushed me to be better; ultimately, I’m a better person because of her.”
~ Megan

“She personalized everything custom to me and my situation. She is very friendly. She tried new things if something didn’t work. She would make sure I followed through on things.” ~ Youth Athlete