Just Do It…Dare Greatly.

Anyone been at a place in their life, sport, or business when you’ve grown tired of sitting in the bleachers watching others do, enjoy, and accomplish things you wish for or have talked about doing and accomplishing?  That’s where I’m at.  Tired of talking.  Tired of thinking.  Tired of imagining “what if”.  Tired of being the critic.  Tired of watching.  Tired of waiting for the right time or circumstance. Tired of being held back because I don’t have it all figured out.  So, here I am.  Taking action, leaving the bleachers to step foot on the floor of the arena by establishing an online presence for my business and starting a blog. Embracing Nike’s infamous advice–Just Do It– and Roosevelt’s charge to Dare Greatly.

daring greatly quote

My name is Michelle Kirk. Most people would describe me as athletic, courageous, healthy, motivated, stubborn, and driven.  At least, those are words others have spoken to me or about me at one point in my life.  These are all, for the most part, positive qualities and ones I strive to live out and maintain.  To my advantage, the person people believe me to be (as described above) tends to remain fixed in their brains regardless of how untrue it may be in the present.  And let me tell you, the only word I would say has been true of me as of late is stubborn.  I’ve stubbornly remained unhealthy, unmotivated, lazy, and scared.  Life changes had thrown me off course and there’s been a slow fade from all the characteristics and values I’ve once embodied.  And it’s been uncomfortable, because I know this is not the way I want to live life.  It’s not who I am or who I’ve been created to be.  Yet, I’d become comfortable being uncomfortable, and not in a good way.  I’ve wallowed in my pity and unhappiness.  Because change is hard.  Really taking action towards your goals is scary.  But, I’m sick of being lazy, distracted and scared.  It is time to make a change, Dare Greatly and Just Do It.

So, I’m taking a next step in my personal coaching business and creating an online presence. I’m putting myself out there.  Being Vulnerable.  I’m “Daring Greatly” (to use the words of Theodore Roosevelt and Brene Brown).  I’m at my best when I’m helping others, and becoming more serious about that by ‘launching’ a business structure will enable me to do that more frequently and more effectively.

Just by engaging in a few small actions and steps towards the things I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but have lacked the courage and motivation to do, I have experienced a change in my motivation, energy, and mental and physical health.  While I believe in changing your thoughts to change your behavior, sometimes you must start with your behavior.

Are you ready for change?*  What small step or simple action can you take today so that you can be closer to living the life you want to be living?*

*Full Disclosure:  Questions like these, posed by uber-motivated individuals (FRIENDS of mine), have been/can be really annoying to me.  I think they annoy(ed) me, though, because of my stubbornness and calloused resistance to change.  Slowly, I had built up a wall, and these well-meaning questions kept coming, like rushing water.  And eventually what’s happened, over time, is I find the wall is eroding. It’s taking more energy to keep the wall up than it is to let the momentum and motivation of others to flood into my life and push me forward, out of my rut, and towards the person I want to be. So here I am, paying it forward. You’re welcome.


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